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4 SEO Tools for Boosting Organic Traffic to Your Website



Every online entrepreneur wishes for their website to rank on the first page of the search engines. Of course, you feel proud when you find your page is at the first position on Google results. However, achieving this objective is not an easy task. You have to invest your time, knowledge and strategies for enhancing your search engine optimization.

As you know, better ranks equal high organic traffic which in turn means increased leads and sales. Remember, you can have the best website in the world, but without visitors, your site will be irrelevant. To help you solve the ranking challenge and enhance your organic traffic, here are 5 essential SEO tools:

assess the online competition

Google Trends

One way of keeping your site relevant is updating your content to match with the prevailing trends in your niche. Google Trends is an essential tool for keeping you up to date on the changes on the keywords online visitors are using to find for content.

One advantage of Google Trends is that it offers you an opportunity to compare how various targeted keywords are performing. As such, you can go for the most relevant keyword for your target audience. Also, this tool helps you to check the trending keywords for particular regions. Hence, you can use it to develop content to meet your audience when targeting a given region.

Google Analytics

 Analyzing the performance of your page is an essential task in winning the SEO challenge. For you to develop a strong SEO strategy, you need to know the source of your traffic, how each page is attractive to online visitors, and the kind of content your audience is searching. For you to achieve this objective, you need an analytic tool. 

Google analytics is one of the best tools for assessing the performance of your website. This tool enables you to know the pages that are performing well; the duration visitors are spending on your website as well as the bouncing rate. Hence, Google Analytics is vital for planning your SEO tactics to achieve high organic traffic on your website.

Boosting Organic Traffic to Your Website


To win in any war, you need to know the strategies your rivals are using. The same approach is applicable in the business and internet world. The secret to beating your online competitors is studying the competitive strategy that is enabling them to be on the first page of the search engines. If this is your objective, SemRush is an essential tool for you.

SemRush offers you an opportunity to assess the online competition. The tool provides you with 20 approaches to spy the strategies your rivals are applying to drive high organic traffic and sales on their websites. Moreover, the tool gives you an opportunity to assess the pricing and the paid keywords that are keeping your competitor’s site at the top positions in the search engines.

Other feature in this tool includes backlink analysis, domain analytics, site audit, and SEO content template. Importantly, you do not have to worry if you are new to this tool as SemRush offers you free tutorials.

Responsive design test

With the increase of mobile-based searches, search engines are giving priorities to pages that are optimized for mobile devices. For this reason, if you want to drive high organic traffic your site must be responsive to any computing devices. Your web design is the anchor of your website responsiveness.

If you are not sure about your site responsiveness, Responsive design test is a viable tool. Here, you put your site on this tool and assess its level of responsiveness. If the site does not pass the test, you need to change your website theme.

All in all, effective use of the above SEO tools can help you enhance your organic traffic and we also recommend to have a Seo Audit done by an SEO specialist check https://seofrancisco.com

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